Myrtle & Mugwort Apparel

Please note: all size guides below feature measurements in inches.




T-shirts are a new feature in the shop as of April 2018! We currently only offer a unisex T-shirt in the following sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double XL and Triple XL. 

Please note: shirt size measurements can vary between 1-2 inches.

T-shirt size guide Myrtle & Mugwort.png


Hoodies are also a new feature in the shop as of 2018; currently we offer a unisex front pocket hoodie style. This hoodie style comes in the following sizes: Extra small; Small; Medium; Large; Extra large; and 2XL. Please see the size guide below for additional fit information.

Hoodie Size Guide Myrtle & Mugwort.png



    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or any other feedback regarding your Myrtle & Mugwort-purchased apparel. We will be in touch within 48 hours of your message.

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    Crop tops - cropped tank & cropped tee

    We currently offer two different types of crop tops in the Myrtle & Mugwort Shop. One is a full-sublimation cropped tank, and the other is a printed cropped t-shirt. 

    Sublimation cropped tank top measurements are as follows:

    Crop Tank Size Guide Myrtle & Mugwort.png

    Cropped tee measurements can vary by 2 inches, as Printful (the production company we use) ensures that each shirt is handmade. Please be mindful of this when ordering! 

    See below for cropped tee measurements:

    Crop Tee Size Guide Myrtle & Mugwort.png

    Tank tops

    Please see below for tank top size measurements:

    Tank Top Size Guide Myrtle & Mugwort.png

    A note on size inclusivity

    We have tried our best to start off our apparel launch with a production company that will best represent our designs while still offering customers high quality products at a reasonable price. However, we acknowledge and understand that this limits us in some ways in terms of what clothing we are able to create - in particular, it limits us to another company's definition of appropriate sizes (notably for women's clothing). 

    We are trying to find other companies able to produce certain clothing items in realistic sizes so that we can create styles representative of as many body types as possible. If you know of any production companies of this nature, please leave us a message!  In the meantime, please have patience, and know that we are working on it!