Say hello to Myrtle & Mugwort

Big changes have come to this little shop!

A lot can change in a year. For me, and for Myrtle & Mugwort - formerly Sweet Myrtle Design Co. - and lot has changed. 

Get ready for some seriously exciting new stuff.

If you've been around since Sweet Myrtle Design Co. launched early last March (2017), you'll know that this has been a stop-and-go sort of project for me. I had ideas for products and art that I wanted to see in the world, some business sense, and *just enough* free time at that point. I was encouraged to go ahead and try to make something happen with an online store featuring my own ideas and designs.

What is the saying about the "best laid plans"? 

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Robert Burns Quote Of Mice and Men

Turns out that saying is from a poem written in Scots in 1785 by one Robert Burns. He was plowing his field, accidentally ran over a mouse's nest, and according to his brother, composed a poem on the spot about it. 

My point is: even back in 1785, poets and farmers (Burns was both) knew what they were talking about. 

Last year, I tried to make an online store happen by flinging myself at the art I knew how to make and hoping for the best. After a while, I realized that I could be more organized, provide a wider range of products, and use my resources more carefully! That was how Myrtle & Mugwort came to be.

So, what's new about Myrtle & Mugwort?

  • New products! Bags, mugs, hats, prints, and more are in the shop. (Plus, we are hoping to put out some actual clothing options this summer...)
  • Old products! (All of which are on sale right now.)
  • Design services. When I first launched Sweet Myrtle Design Co. last year, I was casually offering "custom projects" or "collabs" or whatever you'd like to call them. Since June 2017, however, I have been working as a publicity designer/social media coordinator for a church located in downtown Rochester - they occupy the oldest public building in the city. This in turn led me to design for the nonprofit organization associated with restoring and maintaining the building. Both of their websites reflect work that I've done for them (feel free to check it out!), but more to the point: these projects have taught me how to be a better and more organized artist and professional. It is through that work that I finally felt confident offering my services professionally (albeit affordably). 

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