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About Myrtle & Mugwort

If you are looking for handcrafted art for your residence or office, uniquely designed accessories and home accents, or custom poster/publicity design, we've got you covered. Welcome to Myrtle & Mugwort. 

Formerly Sweet Myrtle Design Co, Myrtle & Mugwort has evolved as a business and increased our selection of products and services while also streamlining our work process. We now offer professional design services, coffee mugs, pillows, bags (and more!) in addition to an expanded collection of prints and handmade art pieces.

When it comes to original, handmade, and one-of-a-kind goods, we prefer to make products that utilize repurposed materials and breathe new life into items that were previously considered easily disposable. We have crafted pieces from leftover cardboard, old paper bags, and broken bookshelves. All wood slices that we utilize have come directly from trees that have already fallen (no live trees have been harmed in the making of these pieces).

Myrtle & Kim

About the owner

My name is Kimberly Merrill, and I grew up on a small  farm in Western New York. I have always been inspired by nature in all aspects of my creative life. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to bring some of that creative focus to bear on products and pieces that would serve to bring that type of inspiration to a home or business.


I always appreciate hearing from those who stop by this website - please don't hesitate to reach out and say hello, give honest feedback, ask any questions you might have, or confer about a custom project.

You can also find me at the social media links below; we also have a monthly newsletter. Thank you for your support!